Red K Elders



May 2021
Beautiful quality fine art print from original pencil drawing.

“Then, there was this: Once
In a moonlit pool you stripped to bathe
Not noticing the proud prince Actaeon
Who, hunting, paused at length to gaze
Upon unearthly flesh. His breath
Caught; he fought the urge to flee
And lost. He watched, in fear, the washing
Of your birch-bare limbs. But then
You raised black eyes. He fled, but fell: for
His skull had sprouted antlers that
Entangled every branch. Feet split to hooves.
He scrambled on all fours, pursued
By his own baying hounds, whose eyes
Mistook their master.
He would've called them off, but stags
Can't speak. So they unraveled him like rope

O Huntress, young and undefiled, who walks alone;
Who calls grass “bed: and forest “home”;
Who swells the ranks of the newly dead
With shafts that turn the white snow red;
You, who hang Acteaon’s bloody head
From the willow by its horns: be forewarned:
For here I stand among the briars, as did he
To watch the baring of your fatal form. Like his,
My desires cannot conform.
Have mercy, then, upon my brain,
Which wants what it cannot contain. Teach it
To turn, content, away, from what is not to be.
Or better yet: let me stay and stare
Without deception, without fear
At Thee.”

- from Artemic Hymn by Jack Grayle, which breathed this drawing into existence

(With thanks to Daniel Murtagh for his gorgeous portraiture and Mari, his beautiful model.

277 x 400mm
(approx 10mm white border all round)
on 297 x 420 mm paper.

Printed on heavyweight 315gsm archival watercolour paper, with Epson UltraChrome HD inks.
Signed and editioned and backed with board in a transparent sleeve.

Edition size: 100

All large prints come beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, in a robust flat card pack. Can also be shipped anywhere with a hand written gift message included.