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HEKATE - Silver Edition

HEKATE - Silver Edition

February 2021

Goddess of the crossroads, of transitions, of liminal space...

Oh cunning, lofty, swift, 

O crested one, who draw swords, valiant, 

Healer, with forethought, far-famed, goading one,

Swift-footed, brave, crimson, Darkness, Brimo,

Immortal, heedful, Persian, pastoral, 

Alkyone, gold-crowned, the elder goddess, 

Shining, sea-goddess, ghostly, beautiful, 

The one who shows, skiff-holder, aiming well,

Self-gendered, wearing headband, vigorous,

Leader of hosts, O goddess of Dodona,
Of Ida, e’er with sorrows fresh, wolf-formed,
Denounced as infamous, destructive, quick,
Grim-eyed, shrill-screaming, Thasian, Mene,
O Nethermost one, beam-embracer, savior,
World-wide, dog-shaped, spinner of Fate, all-giver,
Long-lasting, glorious, helper, queen, bright,
Wide-aimer, vigorous, holy, benign,
Immortal, shrill-voiced, glossy-locked, in bloom,
Divine, with golden face, delighting men,
Minoan, goddess of childbirth, Theban,
Long-suffering, astute, malevolent.
With rays for hair, shooter of arrows, maid;
I truly know that you are full of guile

And are deliverer from fear

- from 'Document to the Waning Moon'
Greek Magical Papyri IV. 2244—2358 (trs. Betts)


Beautiful quality fine art print from original pencil drawing.

277 x 400mm
(approx 10mm white border all round)
on 297 x 420 mm paper.

Printed on heavyweight 315gsm archival watercolour paper,
with Epson UltraChrome HD inks.

Each print uniquely hand embellished with .99 pure silver leaf crescent moon.

Signed and editioned and backed with board in a transparent sleeve.

Limited edition of 100 ONLY

All large prints come beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, in a robust flat card pack. Can also be shipped anywhere with a hand written gift message included.


All gratitude to Jack Grayle
and his generous sharing of extensive teachings and work with Hekate. 

I absolutely recommend his course on Hekate at The Blackthorn School:

With further gratitude for photographic references, with kind permissions:

Faces by Daniel Murtagh

Black dog by Dylan Collard

Body/dress from Motherland Chronicles - Erin by Jingna Zhang