Red K Elders

HERMES large edition


March 2022

“The Hermes image repeatedly enforces descents into personal and social underworlds of great power, into realms where one is lost without a hermetic guide who can recognize the importance of going into the darkness willingly, the importance of hearing the significances of the deathly side of things”
- William G. Doty

Hermes. Messenger of the Gods, God of communication and commerce, trickster and magician. Hermes who blesses all business and trade, bringing success and wealth. Hermes Psithyristis, the whisperer of dreams. And Hermes the psychopomp. God of liminality who, with great gentleness, guides the souls of the dead to the Underworld.

Hermes appears at the crux point of departure and crossing over, guiding the living through the difficult places too, across the mid-points of our existence, from one lifetime and identity to another.


Every print will be consecrated with rite VIII 1-63 from the Greek Magical Papyri, which compels Hermes to be your patron and support.

"Therefore, give me favour, form, beauty! ...
And let them give me gold and silver and every sustenance which will never fail. Preserve me always, through all eternity, from drugs and deceits,
Every slander and evil tongues, from every daemonic possession,
From every hatred of both gods and men. Let them give me favor,
And victory and business and prosperity,"



390 x 567 mm approx, with white border
on 420mm x 597 paper

Printed on heavyweight 315gsm archival watercolour paper, with Epson UltraChrome HD inks.
Signed and editioned and backed with board in a transparent sleeve.

Limited edition of 100 ONLY

All large prints come beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, in a robust flat card box, with a hand written message included. Gift messages can also be included.
Worldwide shipping available.


With gratitude for photographic reference, with kind permission:
Kane A Roberts and Gregory Vaughan
(both on Instagram)