Red K Elders

MEMENTO MORI small edition


March 2024

• Beautiful quality fine art print from my original pencil drawing
• Limited edition of 49 ONLY
• Signed and editioned
• 178 x 178mm approx on 254 x 254 mm paper
• Printed on heavyweight 315gsm archival watercolour paper
• Epson UltraChrome HD inks.

"Memento mori" is a Latin phrase meaning "Remember that you must die". As a philosophical reminder of the inevitability of death and the transient nature of life, it has a rich history intertwined with art, spirituality and mysticism.

Skulls and bone imagery are universal tropes that have pervaded art, literature, and religious practices across diverse cultures throughout history. They transcend cultural and temporal boundaries, reminding us of our common mortality, the impermanence of life and the urgency to be fully present - right here and now - in this precious instance of being.

I feel honoured to have added my small contribution to this oeuvre, as I am opened ever wider to all the ancestral work and blessings that the contemplation of such imagery brings.

"Death is close enough at hand so we do not need to be afraid of life"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

[Shown here also framed by the very excellent - recommend!]

All prints come beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, in a robust flat card pack. Can also be shipped anywhere with a hand written gift message included.